Why Every House Should Install a Fire Extinguisher
27th Mar, 2020

Almost anywhere you go, whether it’s to malls, parks, or colleges, it’s hard to miss the red fire extinguishers installed in every nook and corner. The question is, do you have a fire extinguisher at home? If your answer is ‘No’, then get one installed immediately. Fire extinguishers are portable devices that extinguish or hold off a fire until a firefighting unit comes on the scene.

Types of Fire Extinguishers:

Some common fire extinguisher types are water, dry powder, foam, wet chemical, and CO2. Water puts out combustible materials such as wood or paper. Dry Powder puts out the maximum types of fires, except any that are caused by deep fat fryers. Foam puts out combustible materials as well as flammable liquids such as paint and petrol. Wet Chemicals put out fires caused by deep fat fryers, as it can withstand high temperatures. Lastly, CO2 can be used on flammable liquids and electrical equipment such as generators and computers.

Fires in Indian Household:

Most builders and developers follow safe construction norms, keeping in mind the fire safety rules and regulations. However, some of the appliances in households can cause fires. One of the main causes of fires in India is cylinder bursts. Stove knobs left open, or accidental leaks can cause massive fires or bursts. During the summer season, appliances such as TVs, phones etc. tend to get overheated, and can burst. This leads to a fire as well. Incense sticks, even though they seem harmless, can cause a fire if they fall on cloth or paper. When the electrical wiring in the house isn’t strong enough, some high voltage appliances can cause the wires to short circuit and catch fire.

Why You Should Install a Fire Extinguisher in Your House

As you read earlier, Indian Households are not extremely fire safe, and a fire can occur unintentionally when you least expect it. Fire Extinguisher uses are endless, and can help save lives. Here is why you should get a fire extinguisher installed in your house as soon as possible:

  1. Before a small fire spreads to other parts of the house, a fire extinguisher can help put it out and save your family, as well as your belongings.
  2. In case a massive fire erupts, even a small fire extinguisher can help you and your family get out safely, if not put out the fire.
  3. Many buildings don’t have proper escape routes, and it would be helpful to control the fire around you and escape safely.
  4. They are an investment and are long-lasting. They also do not require maintenance at short intervals.
  5. Fire extinguishers are easy to use and make you feel secure, knowing that you are protected in case of a sudden fire.

You may think you don’t need fire extinguishers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Installation of a fire extinguisher is Pune is simple and easy, as there are many fire extinguisher manufacturers in the city. A fire extinguisher can save your life, as well as the lives of the people you love. Acufire Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best fire fighting contractors in Pune, who will install the extinguisher for you, as well as give you fire safety training on how to use it safely.

Visit Acufire Systems Pvt. Ltd for more details.


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