5 Fire Sprinkler Myths: Debunked
28th May, 2021

According to WHO, 180,000 deaths are reported worldwide every year due to fire breakouts. And according to research, in more than 90% of those cases, there was an absence of fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers use simple mechanics to set out any fire hazard instantly with a water sprinkling fire safety system. 

There are several myths in the air about Fire Sprinklers.

Myth #1: Heavy on the Pocket

People believe that a sprinkler system is expensive and unaffordable and won’t be economically viable

Fact: When incorporated in new home construction, fire sprinkler systems can be very cost-effective. The cost of installing a fire sprinkler system is estimated to be roughly 1% of the entire building cost. Furthermore, insurance companies may offer savings on rates for buildings equipped with fire prevention systems. Also, we tend to ignore the fact that an investment in a fire sprinkler system can protect the damage that might be caused to human lives in case of unforeseen circumstances

Myth #2: A Misfire (Pun-intended) is possible

We’ve all seen this in our favorite sitcoms where the protagonist lits a cigarette and it starts sprinkling water in the room. Smoke from candles, cigarettes, or cigars can set off the fire sprinkler systems and start a false fire alarm

Fact: The presence of smoke from candles, cigarettes, or cigars in the room will not activate a fire sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads turn on only when the temperature in a room rises between 57 to 74 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the fire sprinklers have heat detectors present in them instead of the smoke detector.

Myth #3: Property is Priority

Sprinklers are intended to protect property, yet they are ineffective when it comes to saving lives. When a fire breaks out, even if the fire sprinklers are there your life can not be saved.

Fact: According to firefighters, the injury rates were 27 percent lower in properties equipped with fire sprinklers. There have never been multiple deaths in a structure with a complete water sprinkler system. Also, the property losses in homes with fire sprinklers are 85 percent lower than in those without sprinklers. In all structures, a combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems could reduce total injuries, deaths, and property damage.

Myth #4: Smoke Detectors as First Choice

Smoke detectors provide better protection than fire detectors. Why spend money on something like a sprinkler when you can safely evacuate when a fire breaks out? 

Fact: Smoke detectors, without a doubt, save lives by sounding an early warning when a smoke or fire event occurs. They do nothing to slow or extinguish a growing fire or protect individuals who cannot leave on their own, such as small children or the elderly, while they alert people to the presence of danger.

These battery-operated smoke alarms are also less reliable than fire sprinklers, as they frequently fail to work due to dead batteries or removal by property owners unhappy with the “nuisance” of alarms. It’s also quite easy for householders to become sidetracked by other things and forget to replace the dead batteries.

Myth #5: The Accidental Leak

There is a significant chance that fire sprinklers will leak or turn on by accident. This will lead to unwanted moisture everywhere or other unpleasant damage caused by water. 

Fact: The chances of an accidental sprinkler discharge due to a manufacturing defect are extremely slim: 1 in 16 million, to be accurate. To put it into perspective, you’re more likely to be hit by an asteroid falling from the sky.


Fire sprinklers aren’t just some fancy device to have in your home but it is lifesaving machinery. The key to ensuring that property owners aren’t hesitant to install fire sprinklers is to dispel misunderstandings regarding fire protection equipment.  We also need to increase public knowledge and awareness about the importance of fire sprinklers. 

Just the addition of these little things in our lives can bring significant change to the world and probably save a life when needed. Protection from fire is not a compulsion but should be an ideal choice for everyone  Not only our valuable materialistic goods will be saved but uncountable innocent lives too. So be safe & take care of everyone around you!


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