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Specialized Systems

Our Specialized Systems are broadly divided into 4 categories based on their utility and usage scenarios.

Aerosol System

These fire extinguishers used for fires of class A(wood, paper), class B(liquids, gases, solvents) and class C(electrical equipment).
Installed at Municpal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

FM 200

A waterless fire protection system, the Fm200 system suppresses fire immediately. Proven to be extremely safe for occupied spaces, this extinguishes fire by removing the heat elements from the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel).
Installed at Fleetguard Filters Pvt. Ltd, Baner.

Kitchen Suppression

The Acufire K-Series wet chemical Suppression System uses defense technology ‘Gas Generators’, similar to the technology used in life safety applications such as car airbags, which enhance safety, reliability & enable complete monitoring of the system.
Installed at Hype Hotel Kharadi.

Novec System

Novec system is installed on the Extrusion – Laminator. Detection system consists of thermocouples which are spread in two zones – lower and upper zone. When the thermocouples sense rate of rise of upper / lower temperature zone it passes the signal to panel.
Installed at Tetrapak India Pvt Ltd, Chakan.