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About us

The team at Acufire comprises professionals who are passionate about the services that Acufire offers. Acufire is part of the Kankaria family that is celebrated as a distinguished name in the business for more than 25 years. With a strong presence across sectors, the Kankaria family has achieved greater business diversity by interacting with the customers at diverse intersections. From large businesses to end customers, Kankaria Group continues to offer delight.


Analyse Drawings

Map User Flow & Navigation

Conduct On-site survey and access point checks

Analysis of existing housing and commercial complexes



Customizable solutions offered across various industries

On-site installation and management

Seamless integration into existing PMC’s timeline

Acufire certified check to assure the highest level of quality



Post-installation Annual Maintenance Contracting services.

Awareness sessions for End Users in all the different categories

Direct co-ordination with end-users with the help of on-call services for any installation issues