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Our Team

The team at Acufire is made up of professionals who are passionate about delivering to the best of their capabilities the services that Acufire offers. The Acufire Certified Fire Safety Engineers go through advanced processes to make sure that the end solution attained is of the highest standards. Our company culture encourages a proactive attitude towards all the goals that Acufire endeavors to fulfill.

Director As the director, he envisages a future with safer structures supported by safer systems that perform to their optimal competences. He is thoroughly involved in every step from conceptualization to execution and continues to glorify Acufire.

Assistant General Manager
Primarily responsible for marketing and confirming smooth communication between Acufire and its clients, Lalit ensures that the solutions provided are feasible and the execution is in line with the assured timelines.

Projects Head

Being the Projects Head, Santosh ensures that every solution is technically sound. He coordinates the planning and execution of all Client AMCs to ensure extraordinary customer satisfaction.





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