How Fire Suppression Systems Can Ease Your Pain
27th Jan, 2020

A fire suppression system is an engineered set of components that are designed to extinguish an accidental fire, typically in a workplace but also potentially in a transport vehicle or other site of interest.

Fire Suppression Systems help us to detect and extinguish the fire in its early stage after the ignition. Fire Suppression Systems help in preventing the spread of fire in the building. To suppress equipment fires, suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals or wet agents.

The main purpose of these systems is to keep the life of people safe and also minimize the damage caused by the fire in business assets like vehicles, plant or some electrical equipment. Installing an automated fire suppressions system alongside regular fire readiness is the most effective way to prepare for any fire outburst event. They not only help in extinguishing a fire in the early stages but also minimize the damage to business assets.

Automated fire suppression systems, most of the times are installed alongside different means for combatting fires, including compact fire extinguishers and hose reels. The advantage of installing a fire suppression system close by these different measures is that they are particularly designed to detect fires rapidly. They also help in extinguishing them in a way that will cause the least additional damage to the assets.

Some Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems –

  • Early detection and quick response:
    At the initial stage of a fire, fire suppression systems provide fast and on-site protection. The system response could be immediate or delayed, depending upon the detection package installation.
  • Safe and easy to use:
    They are safe and easy to use since pre-engineered fire suppression systems activate automatically. Systems do not require human intervention although they do provide a manual override option in case of emergency.
  • Eliminates fuel source:
    The fuel or electrical source of a fire contained inside the cooking equipment frequently keeps on sustaining the fire after it has been lighted. Fire suppression systems help to eliminate the fuel source automatically.

It clearly indicates why it is important to install a fire suppression system in any place. They tend to save the business assets along with human life. It is a real challenge to control the outburst of fire in any incident; with these systems installed it can help in controlling even more. In today’s era, there are a lot of fire suppression systems on the market today. The three most common type of fire suppression systems are listed below:

  • Water –
    A fire suppression system that depends on water is the most well-known kind of fire suppression system, and the vast majority have them installed in organizations and buildings. You can choose from either an automatic sprinkler system that will turn on when it detects smoke, heat, or fire or a manual sprinkler framework that should be turned on to begin working. Both can be successful during a fire outburst.
  • Chemical Agents –
    While the vast majority choose a fire suppression system that utilizes water to put out a fire, there are additionally a few chemical agents that can be utilized to take care of business. Potassium carbonate is one chemical agent that can be utilized to put out a fire. It’s a wet substance that is frequently found within fire extinguishers. There are additionally some dry chemicals that can be utilized in fire suppression systems.
  • Inactive Gasses –
    Once a fire begins, it needs a steady supply of oxygen to spread. Inactive gasses like argon and purged nitrogen can be utilized to stifle out a fire by cutting it off from oxygen in the air. There are a few organizations that will introduce fire-suppression systems that utilizes inert gasses since water can often cause damage to electrical equipment, furniture, and more.


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