19th Feb, 2021

Australia was hit by the worst wildfires. The large part of the country is devastated. The fire began in late July of 2019. Nearly 28 people have died nationwide, and in the state of New South Wales, more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. State and federal authorities are trying to contain the tragedy, but it all seems futile before this massive natural disaster.

The main reason behind this is mostly persistent heat and dangerous drought, and an obvious claim points out towards climate change also. As this problem is haunting the whole world.

There have been fires in every Australian state, but New South Wales suffered the most. 
Fire sets up through bushland, wooded areas, and national parks like the Blue Mountains. Some of Australia’s largest cities have also been affected, including cities like Melbourne and Sydney. These fires destroyed a whole lot amount of homes in those cities s well as the smoke clouded over them day and night. This smoke was so bad that air quality reached 11 times the “hazardous” level.

Each year there is a fire season in Australia. Natural causes like lightning strikes in drought-affected forests are there to blame. Humans can also be to blame. Australian police arrested nearly 24 people with deliberately starting bushfires, and have taken legal action against 183 people for fire-related offenses since November, according to a police statement.

About half a billion animals have been affected by the fires with millions likely dead in these bushfires. Many species are in grave danger facing extinction. Almost one-third of koalas in Australia may have been killed in the fires, and a third of their habitat has been destroyed. Its a nightmare for these species. Lots and lots of firefighters from all across the world are fighting for these animals.
Australian state and federal authorities are fighting these fires for months. State and federal authorities already declared a state of emergency and state of natural disaster in many states.

There are more than 3000 firefighters are working on the ground. And more support is on the way from the US, Canada, and New Zealand and nearly from all around the world have sent additional firefighters to help. This disaster proved the crucial necessity of Fire fighting and safety. 

It is our understanding, that we must make ourselves ready to face any disaster that may befall upon us. We always believed in safety rather than cure. Fire safety is our area of expertise and from that point of view, we urge all to learn more about fire safety. Also, we are working towards awareness about fire safety in our society.

In India, there are a lot of cases of fire disasters due to domestic fires like chulhas in villages, and fireworks in the festival season. We must learn about those things. And fire safety must be of our prime most concern.

We made sure that our systems and training program helps in fighting fire disaster very skillfully. We are standing with the Australian people with complete solidarity. We must create a healthy and safer environment in our working spaces and neighborhood. And rest assured, we Acufire are with you in this.

Let us worry about your fire protection needs, so you don’t have to.


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