Safe Haven IoT
16th Apr, 2021

A fire hazard is something we always want to avoid as it causes loss of life and damage to property. Fire is a strong element of destruction. Fortunately, an up to date fire safety plan can help us completely avoid fire hazards. To tackle the possibility of a fire incident, efficiently designed fire fighting systems should be installed at the establishment. A good fire fighting system covers three tasks – Fire Detection, Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression. It is a network of fire & smoke detectors, fire alarms, evacuation lighting, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and hose pipes. Almost every fire fighting system needs to be customized as per the plan of the establishment. It turns out to be a complex setup but it is essential for the safety of the people and also property.

Fire fighting systems need to be checked regularly to ensure their proper functioning at the time of a fire hazard. Imagine the worst-case scenario where the fire fighting system is unable to respond to a fire outbreak. That negates the whole effort put into setting up a fire fighting system in the first place. To avoid such an event, it is necessary to audit the fire fighting systems at regular intervals and make sure that all meters are stable and the mechanism is responding to a fire breakout. Going a step further, human error during the audit of fire fighting systems is also a possibility. What we need is an automated system that constantly audits itself and raises an alert when it finds any issue in the system. Acufire’s Safe Haven IoT is a deep learning algorithm that is an IoT-based auto testing and feedback system for fire safety installations. It regularly tests all fire fighting systems and also checks various parameters such as water level, fuel level, etc.

Let us understand the features of Safe Haven IoT -

The Safe Haven IoT takes care of two essential tasks, monitoring feedback and automated pump testing.

In the process of monitoring feedback, SafeHaven IoT pulls in data from installed fire safety equipment and compares this data against preset parameters. In case of variance in any system level, Safe Haven IoT triggers a push notification/SMS/email, keeping us updated. Safe Haven IoT takes in detailed analytics data to monitor historical data and always be ahead of the curve in pointing out any irregularity.

In automated pump testing, SafeHaven IoT integrates with the electrical activator valves and gets control of starting and stopping the pumps automatically. A default setting is to perpetually test the pumps every 8 days. This can be adjusted to your requirement. During testing, each pump is kept running for 2 minutes and then they are turned off. From the testing, Safe Haven IoT records various parameters like the flow of water, the condition of the working battery, the diesel levels, valve pressure, etc. This information is put in one report and is sent to the stakeholders, regularly.

Benefits of Safe Haven IoT -

– Regularly monitors all fire safety parameters and helps you stay prepared for a fire breakout.

– Stores and compares historical and real-time data of all your pumps to detect any irregularity.

– Monitors the efficiency of your pumps and suggests equipment repairs and replacement whenever needed.

– Diagnoses problems in the fire fighting installations system, and takes corrective action as well.

– A single person is enough to monitor the whole system at any given time.

– Constant audit of the equipment and early detection of faults in the system makes its maintenance easy, and smart.

Safe Haven IoT takes away the unreliability of our fire fighting installations. In real-time, SafeHaven IoT remotely monitors the pump room, battery condition, diesel levels, the fire alarm panels among other parameters. In case of a problem, it alerts you instantaneously. At the same time, you can manage fire systems at multiple locations as per your network, in one app and rest assured of the fire response in case of the unexpected.

SafeHaven IoT can literally save lives as well as protect us from any loss of property. SafeHaven is always on, 24×7, and it ensures that you are getting the most out of your fire safety installations on a daily real-time basis and that instant feedback is exactly how the loss of life and property can be stopped.


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