The New Generation Fire Extinguishers
27th Feb, 2020

Fire is one of mankind’s oldest discovery and also the biggest threat till now. It may outburst at anywhere and at any time but the precautions should be maintained. That is why Fire Extinguishers come to rescue even before Fire Brigades. The fire extinguisher is a portable or movable equipment used to put out a small fire by directing it in a substance that cools the burning material. It deprives the flame of oxygen or interferes with the chemical reactions occurring in the flame. It is mandatory that all workplaces are legally required to have fire extinguishers installed and maintained. Fire Extinguishers are classified into 5 categories viz Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class K.

Fire Extinguishers as we all know plays a vital role in case of any fire outburst in anywhere like schools, colleges, offices or even malls. They have been a lifesaver in many scenarios. Looks can be deceptive but not in case of the new types of fire extinguisher.

It often happens that sometimes the fire has ignited and started to spread over but due to some circumstances the extinguisher is kept inside and it takes time to go down there and break the glass and take out the extinguisher to turn off the fire.

But hold on wait, what if we can provide you with some cool fire extinguishers and it can also enhance your interiors. Most of the time we tend to place the extinguisher in a position which doesn’t affect the interior of the building or even its charm. We place it in an unwanted place or in some unused spaces. The time is over now, we present you with some of the wicked and cool extinguishers which automatically enhance the interior of your room. Design and Creativity are what matters the most and we have utilized it pretty well. We all starved for some ideas that will bring something new, well it is here now. No need to place the extinguishers in hidden places, these cool fire extinguishers can be put anywhere and can also help in getting some compliments from others as these type of ideas are barely seen in reality. In an upcoming generation or what we say the generation of the Millennial’s ideas does play a vital role.

So better late than never install these really wicked designer fire extinguishers that not only enhances your interior but also saves your ass during any fire breakout and yes you don’t have to worry about placing it in any hidden areas. Install it anywhere and enjoy the upcoming compliments in future.


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