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At Acufire, we think of ourselves and our customers as one big family. And that means helping you with all your fire safety needs.

We believe in making safety a priority.

We don’t just take care of your fire safety needs, our SafeHaven IoT is available 24×7. It ensures that you are getting the most out of your fire safety installations


Highly important assets in case of fire, have high risk areas that require critical fire protection, that are so often the source of fire. Our modular approach to property fire protection ensures coverage throughout the building where it matters most.
Working with us is to work with a team that possesses diverse experience in the field and the boardroom.
We safeguard your private spaces and assure their complete protection
When you are a business owner, with any kind of industrial operations, we make s industrial fire prevention and protection a priority


Sustainable Fire Safety Measures
Any action, material, or condition that could cause a fire to increase the scale or severity of the fire or that could cause the fire to start can be classified as a fire hazard. The hazard can be easily ignited by fuels or heat sources, such as faulty equipment.
5 Fire Sprinkler Myths: Debunked
Fire sprinklers aren't just some fancy device to have in your home but it is lifesaving machinery. The key to ensuring that property owners aren't hesitant to install fire sprinklers is to dispel misunderstandings regarding fire protection equipment. We also need to increase public knowledge and awareness about the importance of fire sprinklers.
The Importance of Fire Sprinklers
Often, a fire sprinkler can put off fire even before the people from fire departments arrive due to the consistent flow of water. People are buying fire sprinklers not just for their office spaces or hotels but also for residential areas. So what are you waiting for? Take the precautions and avoid a more significant danger today!
Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings
High-rise buildings, due to the structural complexity, are very prone to fire hazards if there is no proper planning. Therefore, compared to other types of building construction, the construction of high-rise buildings focuses more on fire emergency concerns.


Rushid Domadia
KSH Distriparks
Acufire’s quality of the product is good. More importantly, you provide better customer service compared to your competitors.
Vilas Javdekar Developers
Acufire has been systematic about their process right from our first interaction with them. Their experienced team of consultants have made sure that their fit-out schedule integrated pefectly within ours, helping us achieve our overall project deadline.
Shriganesh Wagh
Fleetguard Filters Pvt. Ltd.
We can surely say that Acufire does not compromise on Quality, as we have experienced a good quality Systems which have been installed at our Office. They maintain good relations with their customers hence Service has never been an issue to us. We would like to receive the same services from you in the near future.