Fire Safety Signs that are Necessity in every Premise
30th Mar, 2021

Fire Safety Signs that are Necessity in every Premise


Being trapped in a burning building is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Thus, it is prudent to be well versed in not just how to protect yourself if caught in such a situation, but also to know the fire signs so that you can find the fire exit pathway or fire extinguisher faster. 

Fire safety precautions differ for every building and mainly depend on how risky the building is. However, this guide is there to help you out by introducing you to the major signs and symbols and where and when they might be used.

Why Are Fire Safety Signs Important?

The employer is bound to be concerned about the health and the safety of their employees under the health and safety law. This being said, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order passed in 2005 ensures that every building and company has proper signs and symbols that demonstrate where to find necessary equipment or fire safety routes during a crisis.

Significance of the Colours Associated with the Signs

Fire safety signs are there to save your life under mortal crisis and here’s why you need to know the importance of the colors involved.

There are usually three colors for fire safety signs and they have different significances:

  • Red
    Red fire safety symbols are there to show what action is banned at a particular place, the location of the fire equipment, and additional instructions. The red-colored prohibition symbols are round and they are red bordered with a white area and a black image to ask you to take precautions. Fire equipment symbols are usually square with a red area and with white pictures to hint at the location of fire fighting instruments.

  • Blue
    Blue-colored fire safety symbols are there to show what constituted mandatory behavior. The symbols need you to undertake some action to help make yourself and your people around you safer. 

  • Green
    Green and white is the color for the fire exit signs. They display a picture of a person walking quickly with an arrow pointing towards the direction you should walk in, in case of an emergency. A few green signs may also show ‘fire exit’ written in lower case alphabets.

Certain signs are present to aid the colors usually fall under the following segments:

  • Prohibition Signs
    These signs are present to ban people from doing something that might have major repercussions.
    These are usually red in color and round-shaped with a white background and a crossbar.
    For example, the “No Smoking” signs in office buildings.

  • Warning Signs
    These signs are those that give prior risk warnings.
    They are yellow in color and triangular in shape, with a black sign or writing.
    For example, the “Warning Fire Risk” signs.

  • Mandatory Signs
    These make people perform certain actions that are needed to maintain safety.
    In general, they are blue in color and round in shape with white text.
    For example, “Keep Door shut to keep out the fire”

  • Fire Exit Signs
    Indicated with arrows as to the direction of the nearest fire exit routes and fire exit doors.
    Usually, they are green in color with a square shape and white text or sign.
    For example, the sign with the running man with the arrow 

  • Fire Instrument Signs
    These direct you to the location of the nearest fire equipment that you can use to get to safety.
    Usually red in color and rectangular or round in shape with white texts or pictures.
    For example, the fire hose symbol.

  • Additional Signs
    These are usually information signs and are rectangular with a variety of colors like red, green, yellow with black or white writing.
    For example, the arrows.


Life and safety go hand in hand and since it is better to be safe than sorry, the Fire Safety Signs are a must for all to learn and know more about!


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