Common Causes of House Fire You Need to Know
27th May, 2020

Two of the leading causes of fire casualties in India are vehicle fires and house fires. While vehicle fires mainly happen due to overheating of the engine or road accidents, house fires are tougher to explain. Most builders comply with the fire safety standards when developing a residential structure; however, that doesn’t mean we are completely safe. So, what are the causes of fires in homes?

India tends to get extremely hot in the summers. People who often use their phone can actually feel their devices heating up. This also happens to other electronic appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, and refrigerators, even though we do not realize it.

  • Overheating causes them to burst, which is dangerous for the people around. This is one of the leading causes of house fires during the summer. You can buy a stabilizer for your ACs and TVs, which will help control overheating. Additionally, do not let the sun directly hit any appliance in the house.
  • Gas leakage and cylinder bursts are very common as well. Since the piped gas system is not prevalent across India, many families use cylinders. These gas cylinders contain immense pressure, and can sometimes burst due to some faulty parts, which leads to many fatalities. Gas leakages also happen, if people leave the stove on, or if there’s a puncture in the wiring. This can be fatal if someone lights a match or switches on any electrical device. It is important to get your gas wiring regularly checked for any punctures.
  • Candles or Incense sticks, if not placed properly, can fall down and light up some flammable material such as tablecloths, newspapers, or curtains. This doesn’t just happen in movies, but in real life too. Make sure to get a candle and incense stick holder, to be safe.
  • Some houses may have faulty wiring, which is unable to withstand large surges of electricity from heavy appliances. This often leads to a short circuit and sometimes, a fire. Electrical fires are also very tricky to extinguish or control, which is unsafe for people in the house. If you find your appliances conking off regularly, it’s time to get your house rewired.
  • Flammable Liquids such as petrol or kerosene, when not properly stored, can pose a great fire hazard. Make sure to check the labels for storing suggestions, and follow them.
  • Half stubbed out cigarettes lying around can cause the flammable material to light up, which is common in houses where people smoke in the bedrooms or halls. Make sure to invest in an ashtray, or smoke in the balcony instead.

By being cautious and alert, you can prevent a fire from happening. However, a fire can sometimes occur when you least expect it. It is always recommended to invest in a fire suppressing system or fire extinguisher, which can help extinguish any unexpected small fires. Acufire systems Pvt. Ltd is the best fire fighting contractors in Pune, which supply and install fire fighting systems, as well as give fire safety training.


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