Top 5 Reasons Why Fire Drills Are Essential For Every Business
27th Apr, 2020

There is a quote that says ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. This is exactly the concept that makes fire drills essential in today’s world. Fire drills are mock sessions of how a building should be evacuated in case of a fire. The alarm system is manually activated, and all the people in the building are expected to follow the evacuation procedure they are briefed on. All employees in the building are given fire drill training and are expected to participate in these drills, as safety is primary in any organization.

During fire drills, many factors such as timing and system failures are checked, so that the evacuation procedure is as efficient as possible. Fire drills are conducted at regular intervals, but are generally unannounced, so that the efficiency of the evacuation process can be accurately determined. Fire drill procedures are developed depending on the type of building. Every building has different exits and materials in it, so the fire drill training given to employees should be personalized.

Here are the top 5 reasons why fire drills should be conducted regularly:

  1. Preparation: There have been many instances when a fire broke out in a building where employees did not receive proper fire safety training. Many people panicked and jumped out of windows, and even created stampedes while trying to run out. This kind of unpreparedness can lead to more fatalities than the fire itself. Fire drills prepare people for an organized evacuation, so most people can get out safely.
  2. Identifying System Failures: Fire drills help in identifying which aspects of the evacuation procedure are weak. Some escape routes may be blocked, or some rooms could be too far from the nearest emergency exit. These problems can be fixed in time so that there are no evacuation failures during an actual fire.
  3. Testing equipment: Some fire suppression systems may automatically turn off the electricity when the fire alarm is activated. In such a case, torches should be available in all rooms, for proper evacuation. Additionally, painting arrows in the hallways with the fluorescent paint can safely guide people to the nearest exit. Fire drills help people determine what kind of tools are required for a safe evacuation when a fire occurs.
  4. Testing New Evacuation Procedures: As life moves on, change is frequent. Many buildings tend to upgrade with new additions. As businesses grow bigger, more employees are added. Thus, the evacuation procedure must also keep changing to accommodate these additions. Conducting regular fire drills helps people familiarize themselves with any changes, and ensures that there is no panic.
  5. Legal Obligations: According to fire safety rules, fire drills must be carried out at least once a year. It is also recommended to carry out these drills more often. Employers are also legally obliged to brief new employees on fire safety procedures. Non-compliance with these rules can lead to various penalties being issued.

Fire drills ensure that everyone gets out safely when a fire occurs. It is necessary for everyone to participate in them so that injuries and fatalities are minimized. Acufire Systems in Pune, Maharashtra helps companies determine efficient evacuation strategies, and provides employees with fire safety training.

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