Acufire Fire Blanket

AcuFire’s car fire Blanket is flame retardant, reusable and designed to extinguish fires in motor vehicles, gas or diesel indistinctly and to control flames and smoke in electric vehicles. It has been made with a fiberglass fabric with a silicon coated both side of fire blanket. The tensile strength(breaking load) of the fabric is 2,000 N/5cm at least.

Product Information

  • Size: 9*6 ± 5% Meter
  • Weight: 30KG ± 5%
  • Color: Grey
  • Temp: ≤1000°C
  • Other:  Fixed strap, Fire-resistance strap, Carry bag/case
  • Approved Standard: IS 11871

Principle & Use

• AcuFire fire blanket is fast and easy to deploy by 2 operators.
• Ensure the blanket is sized appropriately for the vehicle.
• Grab handles, raise them high in the air, and briskly walk the blanket over the burning vehicle.
• Center the blanket over the vehicle on the blanket. (Make sure the blanket is touching the ground on all sides)
• It must be left in place for at least 20 min. to completely smother the fire
• AcuFire fire blanket can also be used for fire outbreaks in motorbikes, metal dustbins, machine tools, etc.