Best Fire Equipment Dealers In Pune
23rd Dec, 2020

We are the leading Wholesaler, Supplier and Trader of finest quality Fire Extinguisher, Hydrant System and Fire Sprinklers etc., with products that are highly admired for their safe usage. We are one of the best fire equipment dealers in Pune, with our products and services speaking for themselves.

A Fire System is basically a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. Fire is one of mankind’s oldest discovery and also the biggest threat till now. It may outburst anywhere and at any time, making it essential for precautions to be taken. Thus, Fire Equipments come to the rescue even before Fire Brigades.

  • Don’t Let Your Future Go Up In Smoke, Follow Fire Safety

  • Fire System Products:
    We focus on all types of fire products, from hydrants to sprinklers, to fire door and fire alarm system supplying. Choosing the type of fire protection and fire suppression system depends on what it is your business does. Some of the fire safety equipment provided by us are:

    1) Sprinklers – 
    When it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems in Pune, there are a number of standards that could apply to your building.A water-based sprinkler system can be your best friend, depending on the size and type of the fire you need to extinguish. The water itself won’t pose a risk to any of your employees or guests, especially if you depend on water mist fire extinguishers.

    2) Fire Blankets – 
    Fire blankets are designed to smother class F fires. That means flame that is fuelled by cooking oils and fats. Naturally, fire blankets are installed in kitchen environments, where the chance of a class F fire is the highest.

    3) Smoke Alarms – 
    Some types of fire safety equipment are designed for detection. Smoke alarms should be installed in all commercial and domestic buildings. Prevention is better than cure.

    4) Fire Extinguishers – 
    Most of the buildings in Pune contain a variety of hand-held firefighting equipment. This range of equipment is specially designed to help contain small fires before they spread and become too large to control. Portable fire extinguishers are available with a number of different extinguishing agents to help you combat a flame in time of emergency.

    These are some of the most used Fire Equipment tools in Pune. We also install all of these fire safety products for you.

  • Installing Fire Extinguishers
    We, at Acufire, help our clients by installing all the fire extinguishers provided to them. Fire System Products like hydrants, sprinklers, extinguishers etc. are the best devices to use in the event of a fire. Installing fire systems is the most important part. We also help you in teaching the PASS technique while installing the fire systems in your business or office.

    * P – Pull the pin out of the extinguisher to break the safety seal.
    * A – Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire.
    * S – Squeeze the fire extinguisher handle.
    * S – Sweep the fire extinguisher nozzle from side to side to cover the base of the fire.


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